My First Mandala.

This was distroyed for some reason, by my team mate.
But like all beautiful Sand Mandala's the lose of a beautiful thing brings us closer to enlightenment.

The Sand Mandala (tib: kilkhor) is a Tibetan Buddhist tradition which symbolises the transitory nature of things. As part of Buddhist canon, all things material are seen as transitory. A sand mandala is an example of this, being that once it has been built and its accompanying ceremonies and viewing are finished, it is systematically destroyed.


Todd Locascio said…
Let me be the first to say how cool it is! or was
the dad
Laura said…
its such a shame they painted over it! fucking bitches! i loved it!
Anne said…
Look, Corrin, my dear, you guys used WATER-SOLUBLE Oil Paint! I hated to kill the design, it was awesome, but it was gonna leak into the OCEAN... :( and that was unacceptable.

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