Academy "flat project"

So i am sorry for the infrequency of my posts. Here is the process and finish for the Flat Project. Decided to do it in cut paper which is - tedious. This project was a lesson in alot of things, structure and local color, composition and  value. 
  I did i similar project at the beginning of this school year, but my teacher forced in digital before alot of the students had even learned the program - so it obviously tanked. Anyway this was a very intelligent process. loving it. 
  Academy life is really an experience, and its busy and relentless with its sometimes 15 hour days, but in between rigorous studio time there are demos, the first being from Jon Foster. We have various over views as well on composition and color - The program is for professionals and students alike. It is a major insight to the field as well. In participating in just these few days i can tell that Illustration is what i am meant to do. 


Anne said…
Really nice piece, I am so super-jealous! ^_^ {hugs} enjoy yourself girl, you've earned it!

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