Ginger Madness

Forgive my irreverence, everyone close to me knows how much i dig figure painting... especially when the curtains really do match the drapes.


Dia said…
What lovely art!! you're in 'the right place' . . .
saw your comment over on Rue & Hyssop re: reading mysteries of the Dark Moon; I took a couple of workshops with the author, Demetra George, paired up with Vicky Noble (she designed the round 'Mother Peace Tarot' deck - great deck!!)
What a duo!! A lot of the material was the same (about a year apart - the workshops were at the Retreat n Confr. center where I was on the Healing Arts team) . . . so I enjoyed the first the most. Demetra talked about personal moon phase - where it was when you were born, & mine was just past full, in the 'diseminating' phase - I tend to 'gather' (full moon) & want to share!! A co-worker who wasn't in the workshop said to the gal who was explaining the energy of the phases to her - "let me guess - Dia's 'diseminating!'"
The power of the dark is important to remember, & find the balance! Thanks for reminding us of that!

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