The Sun and the Moon

I couldn't wait to scan these for you all, so i took some sneak peek photos with my honey's iphone.
The Sun and Moon is quite large at 11x15 in water color and ink

I have alot of dreams, they don't really resemble the pictures i paint but they are similar in essence i believe.
the floating "spirits" represent the soul, and the ladies in the middle represent the different parts of the "self".
I feel like i live two lives, by day a normal life finishing college and job hunting. At night i feel like i am a part of the inertia that is everything, its soothing and helps me to see a bigger picture when i get to stressed with one situation or another.

Happy Sunday to you all.
This piece by popular demand could featured on my new ETSY PAGE !
please check it out, and bring some light into your home or office with some uplifting illustrations !


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